Creating Vision for your Business, Career, and Life

Many people go through their daily lives feeling overwhelmed. There are so many things to do and there never seems to be enough time or energy to do them all.

Is this how you feel about your business, career, or life?

Have you promised yourself that this month you are going to make some serious changes but you just aren’t sure what those changes need to be? Without taking action you will never move forward and reach the results you want.

Coaching is about getting results; listening to what the client really wants and working together, setting out the measurable steps to be taken that result in action and success.

You are responsible for the momentum; it will be up to you to take the actions on your own unless you choose to have the support, encouragement, guidance, and accountability that a coach provides.

Think about laying out a vision, but make it a big vision.

One that includes your passion in life and the gifts you have come to share. No matter what the focus of your business or career you have a lot to offer. You are unique and only YOU can contribute your strengths in your special way.

Whether it’s staying at home and raising a family, working in the field of construction, or becoming the CEO of a company, etc. life is not a dress rehearsal so create your vision of what you really want and then take inspired action steps to attract it to you.

These are the same steps I take with my clients to help them make the changes in focus and habit that bring them meaningful results. First you must be willing to take action. Without changing your focus and habits you will never be able to change the results.

The process of creation starts with a thought, a great idea, a passionate want, or a dream of something magnificent to achieve.

1. Write it down

Begin by brainstorming on paper, YES, YOU must write it down to bring clarity.

The first brainstorming session should be free flowing, don’t edit your thoughts or ideas.  If you are working on your personal vision and your work vision to define what you want and how you want to spend your time, start with the personal vision.

This will give you clarity about what is important to you, what you want, what are the things in your life you are passionate about and what makes you feel fulfilled. From there you can create the vision of your ideal business or career and take action to bring what you really want into your life.

Focus on what you really want!

2. Be Specific

Create a picture in your mind of exactly what you want down to the color of the carpet and the list of clients, and then using words draw that picture until your vision is clear. 

For example:

I want to see clients in three different specialties plus passive income revenue streams.

I will work 5 days a week between noon and six devoting the rest of the day to self-care, gardening, exercising, and spending time with family and friends.

I will make $100,000 a year and take 5 weeks vacation throughout the year.

I love to learn so I will spend 3 weeks a year in educational workshops and training programs to advance my career and myself.

I have redesigned my home to be bright and airy and laid out the gardens for ease of care, and to provide color and fragrance from my flowers and tastes and aromas from my organic vegetables. I avoid stress by focusing on the positive and focusing my energy on the things that are really important to me and just let the rest go.


3. Provide a Timeline

This is very self-explanatory. Will this vision come to fruition in six months, one year, five years, etc. Be sure to create Benchmarks along the way so that you are always taking action toward living the life of your dreams.

4. Do the work

Do the work-start today, make you a PRIORITY , schedule time every day to work towards your VISION.

You may say Naomi I am already overcommitted and I already have so many responsibilities. I can’t commit to one more thing. I will tell you, that people do the things that they want to do. PERIOD. So you have a choice. You can continue to give excuses, oh my bad, reasons that you can’t or YOU CAN DO IT ANY WAY.

Creating your VISION for your Business, Career, and Life will bring you closer to LIVING LIFE ON PURPOSE AND LIVING LIFE WITH PURPOSE.  

I’m Cheering for you!


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